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Transformers Cybertron

Postby Skids » Tue Jun 08, 2010 3:07 pm

Transformers: Cybertron
(Story notes)

Cybertron: Dead planet (Only pockets of untainted Energon), infested with Scrapmetal who absorb Unicron essence that breeds hatred/chaos in atmosphere for sustenance and convert to venom.

Radioactive and corrupt. A cursed world.

Totally ruined in catastrophic battle with Unicron years ago; Unicron’s Spark was supposedly extinguished, but his monstrous husk is still fused to the planet, growing out of control, crushing and consuming it, steadily, via the natural impulses of his body.
Primus himself is alive in a smaller proxy body (Cybertron Primus) that transforms into Vector Sigma, which was ejected, as means of propagating new life, but wasting away as Unicron radiation mutates and corrupts planet. (His main body, which he retains a link to, and where his Spark, at the fortified core, is located and being slowly crushed and twisted.) Leader of his people in exile; return to Cybertron is forbidden for any average Autobot/Decepticon, by him.

Autobots/Decepticons living in an uneasy alliance under Primus, on colony worlds, since war with Unicron. Decepticons still ambitious, but without Megatron, lack direction. Some view selves as working with Autobots as a matter of temporary convenience, others interested in actual peace (For pragmatic reasons, i.e. we know there are forces bigger than our political and military feuds, now…even a Decepticon interested in peace is not going to be a milquetoast.). Whereas some Autobots are genuinely invested in becoming one people, and others are mistrustful/hateful of the Decepticons.
Decepticons too crazy to join are already gone. But lack leadership, so are random loons/thugs.

Optimus Prime consumed in final battle; Witnessed devouring of Megatron, then leapt into the maw of Unicron, guns blazing, to finish him (Unicron? Megatron? Both?) off. Some say he is still fighting the forces of chaos on Cybertron to this day, keeping the beasts at bay.

Megatron is back from within Unicron as Galvatron. Zombie creature kept alive by repeated injections of chaos plague from Scrapmetal. Working with Soundblaster, who is pulling his strings.

Soundblaster has created a hole in spacetime and Galvatron, a station on Unicron that is feeding Unicron Energon from some nether-realm…as a result, Unicron is expanding again, beyond the containment zone, and may consume the galaxy. Meanwhile, he is constricting further and further around Primus’s Spark, and cyberforming anything he touches. At his core is still Cybertron.

Primus must select a suicide team to go into Unicron and find out whatever happened to Prime and the Matrix. Bots and Cons. Don’t know that Megatron is alive again…some will side with him, some against him and with their new allies.

Primus divided leadership among four new Primes, one on Earth, one on Velocitron, one on Beastia, one on Gigantion. Each Prime leads own colony of bots/cons. But with Primus as their appointee, and no Matrices, their legitimacy is questionable as true Primes. Have to fight for the respect of their people.

Many of these followers are younger Transformers who don't have many memories of Cybertron and think of the colonies as their home...a lot of the population either died in the Unicron war, or are still there, crazed or fighting on/among themselves.

Primus has very little legitimacy as their leader; he's supposedly God, but he's not every impressive, esp. to new-schooler generations who weren't raised on generations of lore, and he's seemingly dying, so his decisions aren't going to hold a ton of water.

Some see him as basically sending them into Hell (Cybertron) because he's dying, and they need to expunge the Unicron infection to save him, but they have to wonder if this mission is self-serving on his part, and if they even need God to survive, since they were doing fine before he came on the scene. They also wonder if they need Cybertron, since their colonies are serving them fine.

Also, these guys' discovering that Optimus Prime, the legendary leader, is an obsessed psychopath who's fighting a one-man war on Unicron has to damage the confidence of some of these young bots who have no strong memories of their home.

Plus, you have to wonder if Prime chose to leap into the maw of Unicron, guns blazing, rather than lead his people in exile because HE didn't want the responsibility, and as much if it's because he saw Megatron die, and felt he had to follow him.

I see Prime as more or less the thing that's keeping Unicron at bay all this time! He's down and dirty, inside the cancer, a sort of white blood cell. But his people need him, and he's let this personal vendetta become an excuse for not facing up to the duties of leadership.

I've always seen Prime as sort of a lone ultimate soldier...fighting is what he's best at, and he'd rather be left to do it alone, without having to send anyone he cares about into danger; by the same token, because he's so good a military leader, and feels at home on the battlefield, in peacetime, he fears he'd become a relic, and irrelevant. So, what better excuse to continue fighting forever than a fruitless struggle against a force of nature? He's telling himself it's for the sake of the galaxy, but it's as much for himself, to keep him in his ideal place, and keep him feeling relevant.
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Re: Transformers Cybertron

Postby Transypoo » Tue Jun 08, 2010 11:51 pm

Some day I should have you read my notes as they are a hodgepodge of words and drawings. And all over the place to boot.
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