My TF collection has reached 2,000! (Pic-heavy)

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My TF collection has reached 2,000! (Pic-heavy)

Postby Beastbot » Sat Dec 17, 2011 12:38 am

I've often gotten requests for pics of my collection given how big it is, but I've declined so far because A. My TFs are in many locations, not all on one or two huge shelves and B. They're displayed in a pseudo-random fashion, the time I bought them grouping them together more than theme. So it may not look as "pretty" as other big collections. But since I just hit the big 2-0-0-0 today, I figured I'd post the grand tour de Beastbot.

First, my bedroom. The top shelf for two of my display cabinets, Prime-themed:

Inside those display cabinets:

The top shelf for another two of my display cabinets:

Inside those other two display cabinets:

The headboard of my bed:

Now things get a bit more haphazard in this room. TFs on the top of my dresser (and on top of my "to-play/to-read" stacks of books and games):

Another bookshelf:

A makeshift "shelf" near the center of my room, made up of two full storage bins:

RotF Devastator, Generations Sky Shadow, and BM Nightscream, perched on my TV:

Trypticon on the other side of my TV, along with Brave Maximus, standing on his own gargantuan box:

The bottom shelf of my TV cabinet:

The top shelf of my bedroom closet, where I store most convention exclusives (and Reveal the Shield Lugnut, the only TF I've bought two of with one to keep MISB, due to the fact that his bio explains the P.O.K.E., which I christened as is my contribution to official canon):

Storage tubs/boxes in my closet:

Closet drawers where I store my Mini-Cons and Speed Stars: (The other drawers hold instructions, tech specs, stuff like that)

Aaand now into the other room where a lot of my TFs reside, the computer/game room. What's cool about this room is that my awesome dad painted half of the room purple and half red, with large Decepticon & Autobot allegiance symbols on the appropriate walls. So even though the walls are two different colors, it's the same room.
Anyways, the top of a very tall cabinet:

Inside that cabinet (it's fairly new, so the bottom shelf doesn't have any TFs at the moment):

The top shelf of another cabinet, with the painted Decepticon symbol on the wall:

Inside said cabinet:

The top shelf of a third cabinet (another Prime-themed shelf), with the Autobot symbol on the wall:

Inside the cabinet:

My computer desk (and yes, the mouse is a TF, too):

A small shelf on my computer desk:

The top shelf of my comp desk:

More storage tubs, underneath a table!

And also, I have a two-shelf "fiddle desk" next to my recliner in the living room. I'll usually play around with these TFs during commercial breaks when I'm watching TV or whaterver:

And last but not least, here's my 2,000th Transformer, Prime: First Edition Bumblebee:

Also if you're interested in what exactly goes into my collection number:
-Third-party products (if they're clearly meant to be Transformers and are stand-alone)
-Targetmaster, Minicon etc. partners. Basically if it's important enough to have its own name, it counts.
-The only exception to this are seperate characters that are made from combining other ones (for example, Bruticus does not count towards that 2,000, but each of his components do)

What does NOT go into my collection number:
-Non-transformable Transformers products-- Stealth Force, Speed Stars, Robot Heroes, Robot Replicas, KRE-Os, and the like. If you want to include those I'd have ~2,100.
-Duplicate TFs unless they were meant to be troop-builders i.e. certain Botcon exclusives(which I have very, very few of)
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