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Your desktop

Postby ShadeC4 » Sun Oct 12, 2008 12:59 pm

Well, I wanted to show off mine, so I decided to make a thread for all of us to show off ours. :smile: And, yes TFDoc, you can show off your literal desktop here if you want. ;P

Also: No, no one else can do that except for TFDoc (even though you will anyways...). No, you can not post pics of other people's desktops of any kind(s) (again: Even though you will anyways...).

As for the rest of us who know what a desktop is... Let me start with an image of it from around when I was starting:

Btw: That's the web browser I use (FireFox) in the background.

I have not created any of these skins, but I do mix and match them. XD;;

And this is what it is so far (still working on it):

When it's done, I should have a totally custom Windows shell. But, for now, skinning is teh way. :smile:

Side note: I voided the Windows EULA to change the style. ;x I used an .msstyle instead of shelling out $20 USD for WindowBlinds (which I now have a cracked version of anyways. XD;; ).
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