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Beast Wars toy continuity fun!

Postby Skids » Sun Jul 08, 2007 1:21 pm

This was from a topic I was working on in the Allspark, so I thought I would post it here, too. It gives some interesting insight into the fictive universe behind my toy collection:

Well, Beast Wars and Beast Machines shows are the only official pieces of fiction besides the MTMTE, Transformers Universe, Energon, RID and Cybertron bios that I'd consider "canon" in my toyverse. Everything fits pretty seamlessly into one universe this way. It's just a matter of figuring out what goes where.

I like the Gathering pretty well, but I don't include it in my toverse since I have so few of the characters featured in it, and don't care to, either. BWII and Neo? Rather make up my own stories for these.

Although I have almost all the BWII figures, and all the BW Neo guys, my non-show American BW cast is fairly small compared to Gathering's: Original and TM2 Iguanus, original and TM2 Cybershark, original and TM2 Spittor, TM2 Prowl, the second TM2 Prowl (TM2 Bluestreak :D), TM Packrat, Buzzsaw and TM Buzzsaw (Aka Fox Kids TM Waspinator), Lazorbeak, Tripredacus Agent, Air Hammer, Optimus Minor and Sky Shadow!

Also, I have Primal Prime, Transmetal Tigatron, Fox Kids Transmetal Airazor, Transmetal 2 Arcee, TM Terranotron, T-Wrecks, Dinobot, Wal*Mart Slapper, Snarl, Sludge and Triceradon.

I also have TM Waspinator, TM Terrorsaur, TM Airazor (Fox Kids), TM Tigatron, TM Rhinox (Fox Kids), and the Fox Kids Transmetal Cheetor and Fox Kids standard Rhinox (In addition to the show versions).

I treat Deathsaurus and the two Buzzclaws as active members of my BW universe, too, although they wouldn't appear on Earth.

I would alter Beast Wars in a few different ways. Iguanus, Lazorbeak, Spittor and Buzzsaw would operate as a splinter faction of former Decepticons turned Predacons who originally work as an elite, rarely seen unit under Megatron, but eventually grow dissatisfied with his gradual scheming, wanting a more immediate route to Predacon empowerment, and betray him, after which they're thwarted and strike off on their own, fighting both sides. They're much more militant than Megatron, and would often throw a wrench into his carefully laid plans. Their true loyalty lies with Deathsaurus, who has his own designs on conquest and acted as a loose ally to Megatron on Cybertron in the run-up to the theft of the Golden Disk.

Ravage's true loyalties also lie with Deathsaurus. (Instead of, say, with Magmatron, since I ignore the Gathering.) The Iguanus unit would also be work with Tarantulas.

They'd show up as a special forces unit between episodes of the cartoon, but not in every episode because they only take on the most difficult missions and eventually since they aren't even allied with Megs.

Cybershark and Air Hammer are a duo of Maximal military operatives who were attached to the Axalon, supposedly only for the duration of the Axalon mission. Air Hammer would be more of an MP, a subordinate to Cybershark, a genuine government spook. Cybershark's much more in the know on the agendas of the Maximal leadership than our heroes from the BW show. He feels he has carte blanch to act independently or usurp Primal's authority in bringing in Megatron. Air Hammer's a skilled and ruthless soldier, but has a genuine goodness, compassion and moral compass that Cybershark lacks, meaning he might be more likely to sympathize with Primal's crew.

These two are also interested in searching out the stasis pod of Protoform X before it awakens, determining if they're really on Earth, getting the Golden Discs back, experimenting with alien technology to bend it to the Maximals' will, and nabbing the elite unit of Lazorbeak, Spittor Buzzsaw and Iguanus, who will provide invaluable info on Deathsaurus and his ring of conspirators. Thus, they spend a lot of time in the field--and since they don't feel like sharing their plans with Primal until they need him to fulfill some duty or another, it's not as if they're in the base planning strategy along with the others much, either.

Spittor and Iguanus are horrifically damaged during the planetary catastrophe while fighting Cybershark, and are in stasis when the quantum surge hits. They wouldn't come back until their comrades use the TM2 Driver to revive them, along with Ravage. (Ever wonder where it originally came from? They found it between episodes. :D)

Cybershark defeated the duo of Spittor and Iguanas, but suffered terrible damage himself and an overload of Spittor's venom at the same time he was exposed to the surge. The corruption to his bodily systems ends up mutating him into a Transmetal 2 instead of the Transmetal he should have been. His mental condition begins to rapidly deteriorate, to boot...he becomes more secretive, driven and obsessed, particularly after Primal "lets" (in his view) Rampage fall into Megatron's hands.

Air Hammer actually wouldn't arrive until the second season, when his stasis pod and Sky Shadow's are discovered. Sky Shadow would manage to organize a coup against Megatron between episodes, being the popular guy he is, only to be given the boot and join up with the newly Transmetalized Buzzsaw and Lazorbeak (Transmetal Terrorsaur) and take command of their unit, providing them much-needed reinforcement while Iguanus and Spittor are offline.

Transmetal Packrat and Scavenger have been around since the first season, although they never appeared, as they were on another part of the planet. Borrowing the Ramulas origin, they're survivalists whose pods crashed in remote areas. Scavenger's always been slightly more power-hungry and greedy, which creates some friction between the duo from time to time. But despite their differences, they were forced to work together to survive, scrounging what they could from the enviroment. As hunters and diggers, they have a more intimate knowledge of hidden alien sites laced throughout the planet than, say, Primal's group.

When the planetary catastrophe happened, their home was destroyed and they were forced to move into the same area as the BW show takes place in. They picked up nifty Transmetal forms from the surge, but now have to steal from Maximal and Predacon alike to survive.

Waspinator and Rhinox become Transmetals. This is the biggest divergence from the actual BW show. Waspinator fell in a different place in the Predacon base, and with Optimus in danger, Rhinox roused himself despite his injuries and insisted on stubbornly pushing himself a little while longer before falling into stasis...enough time to be outside a CR chamber.

I figure with these dudes, neither of them really gains such amazing new abilities from the Transmetal form (Like flight, which Cheetor picked up) that it would greatly change the way they acted in the show. For instance, if Rhinox had to run somewhere, he would have driven instead, or Waspy would use his jet mode. It's not like Rhinox left the base much after S1, anyhow... :D

The young Optimus Minor is the next in line for Primeship. As a Prime, he is linked to the Allspark, although his control of his abilities is unsure. His guardians are the Autobots turned Maximals Prowl and Bluestreak. His "mother figure" is the former Autobot Arcee. Unlike previous Primes, who were puppets of the Maximal elders, Optimus Minor is assertive and outspoken, which makes him a distinct nuisance to the group, and to their "hand," Cybershark. In fact, the Maximal elders ordered an attack on Optimus Minor's ship using the bounty hunters T-Wrecks, Dinotron and Terranotron, in order to kill him and pin the blame on the Predacons and Decepticons as a pretext for even more restrictive sanctions.

Badly damaged, his ship escaped into Transwarp space and was drawn through the resonance between Minor's Matrix and the Allspark to Optimus Prime himself. When exposed to the same quantum surge that hit Depth Charge, the group's resonance with the Allspark gave them much more techno-organic bodies than the other Transformers received (In other words, evolved them further than it did Primal and co since they already ARE closer to the Allspark anyhow.)

As an aside, I see Transmetal--> TM2 --> Technorganic as a natural evolution from 1/2 and 1/2 organic and metal to blended to perfect.

Op Minor wouldn't arrive until after the BW show cast had left, though. He makes too big a splash otherwise.

Optimus Minor uses his Matrix to bring Quickstrike's battle suit to life as Primal Prime in order to thwart the continued attacks of the assassins. Primal Prime is more childlike than his child creator, and looks to the young Optimus Minor as a father figure. He is fiercely protective of him. Optimus Minor would no doubt resurrect Tigerhawk as Transmetal Tigatron and Airazor, and Vok-powered Fox Kids Tarantulas would attempt to kidnap Optimus Minor and access the Allspark through him.
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Postby Transypoo » Sat Jul 28, 2007 4:11 pm

Very cool. (yes I just read it after all this time (sorry))

I needo to work out something like this my self...
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Postby ShadeC4 » Tue Jun 03, 2008 3:04 am

tl;dr... Yet. ;x:
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