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RLD: Offline

PostPosted: Sun Sep 20, 2015 2:49 am
by Transypoo
Took myself a little trip to the apparently defunct AUG and posted a bunch of nonsense for old times sake, and penned this little adventure, enjoy:

Transmutate the God the Ubercookie, former scourge of this particular universe, top of the Temporal Judges' most wanted list (though they'd never admit it), and missing for the last thousand years, suddenly burst in through the plain metal doors of an RLD facility. In front of him was a simple desk of no remark bolted to the floor, worn and dusty from disuse, in a dark empty room. Normally the entryway appeared lush and expensive, polished oak desk, oil paintings on the walls, house plants, golden light pouring in through a stained glass window. Behind the desk, would sit the anime maiden de joure. But now, in this sorry state... it was only dust and bare, metal walls. Not even a computer terminal on the desk. Nothing. The proprietary illusory technology was offline. This is what it looked like with out the brainwave scanners and solid light projections. The complex AIs and layers upon layers of artificial sub-realities. Confusing stuff. Transmutate kicked at the desk a little. Remembering the time he'd destroyed the desk that had stood in a very similar entryway of a very similar RLD. Of course then, it had just reappeared in place and the action had seemed futile. Transmutate left the desk where it was and walked past, and through the empty arch way that in the illusion appeared as a majestic door that changed depending on the viewer. To Transmutate it had always be iridescent, purple and pinks rippling across it's surface. To his, then girlfriend, now wife, Skel the door was wooden and carved with beautiful scenes of dinosaurs grazing. How strange to think that this unbreakable impenetrable defense was an empty archway.

Transmutate entered in to the cavernous room that made up the bulk of the RLD. There was nothing. The walls and ceiling so far into the distance they were obscured by the overwhelming darkness. Transmutate lifted a claw and drew some energy from the limitless well between realities. The fiery sphere pulsated in his tri-fingered claw as he stepped of the ledge into the open air. The smooth metal floor was some meters below him, the ground so many patrons had walked on a mere illusion. Transmutate felt a pang of remorse for how he'd acted back in his youth, to these people... The owner Jagged Wing% had been an egotist with a god complex, but could you blame him? He'd built his own universe. The married couple... what were they called? It'd been so long. They were a tiger and a bird, he thought, something like that. Prisma Nova, Dr. Archaville, Zarak of the ever changing name, Drago1, Grimlock6666666666, Planeswalker. VIRUS.

"Ugh. Virus." Transmutate was surprised by the sound of his own voice. The place had been so quite he'd almost forgotten what sound was like. Virus was, or maybe still is, a Temporal Judge, strange entities who thought themselves to be the protectors of the multiverse but tended to spend most if not all their time sitting on their duffs doing nothing and boasting about how powerful they were. But they did have the curious ability to rewrite time. An event would transpire involving them and suddenly, it didn't. Beings like Transmutate were aware of this sudden change, but others tended not to. As many times as Transmutate had blown up planets and suns not once had a TJ ever gotten up and stopped him, or changed the event. The Universal Sentries at least had given ridding the multiverse of Transmutate kind a try. Futile as it was.

Transmutate had reached approximately the center of the massive space when his communicator beeped. A panel in his arm slid open revealing a small holographic generator. It silently projected a screen showing an icon of a telephone. Transmutate let the energy ball go, it floated in place. He tapped the screen and the icon disappeared and was replaced by a window containing a video feed of his daughter Skelly. "Hey, dad?"

Transmutate smiled upon seeing her. "Yeah?"

"Mom wants to know when you're going to be home."

"Ah, sorry, I got distracted. Ended up in an old stomping ground."

"Oh? Any place I'd've heard of?"

"Nah. Place called the RLD in the Fnordom. It's gone now. Kinda sad."

"Huh. Okay?"

"Hey, D'I ever tell you about when your mom an' I were dating?"

"Uhh, with the Max-animals and Predicoins?"

"Somethin' like that..."

"Then you were a jet, and she was a spider?"

"Heh. After that."

"When you lived with Gran'ma?"


"Not really. Not anything about a F'nor-dom."

"I'll tell yah when I get back. Jus' gotta take care of one thing before I come back."

"Okay. I'll tell mom."

"Bye, honey."

"Bye, dad!"

The screen blinked off. Transmutate smiled again. He sighed and drifted back out of the empty space, back through the entryway and out the front doors into the dimensional rift the whole RLD resided in. He stopped and turned to look back at the RLD one last time.

Transmutate raised his arms above his head in a sweeping gesture as his he were conducting the final note in a grand symphony. The field around the energy ball he'd left in the RLD's bowls popped. The energy that had been trapped with in expanded with the force of a super nova. In a way, it was a super nova. The RLD, for just a moment, puffed out like a microwaveable bag of popcorn, then simply was not there. The shock wave of this even in the rift rippled outward into six different universes causing galaxies to shift slightly, and in one universe the jello that made up everything to jiggle for a millennia. The hole where the RLD had once existed now sucked the dimensional rift into a singularity. Amidst the violent chaos and the cosmic roar of the singularity Transmutate the God the Ubercookie yelled down:


He laughed. Deep and throaty at first but swiftly raising in pitch and quickly becoming unstable. When the laugh had devolved into simply a scream he stopped. He looked at the violence and terror below him, he thought about the tiresome beings who'd treated him like some idiot child, he thought of the ones that had actually been nice to him. He thought of how far he'd come. He sneered at the roaring hole in spacetime and winked out of that universe and back to his home. Transmutate the God the Ubercookie was a petty, vengeful, creature.