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The Playhouse! • View topic - Statue and Darkness. Up to part 7. All re-edited.

Statue and Darkness. Up to part 7. All re-edited.

Come, take a seat and tell us your stories!

Statue and Darkness. Up to part 7. All re-edited.

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This..., is The Dociverse. The place where all things small are larger than life. It had it's spontaneous beginings in the depths of time with The Micromaster Race Car Patrol. It grew quickly, and continues to expand, even as you read this.

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This..., is The Dociverse. The place where all things small are larger than life. It had it's spontaneous beginings in the depths of time with The Micromaster Race Car Patrol. It grew quickly, and continues to expand, even as you read this.

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Postby TFDoc » Sat Apr 05, 2008 8:22 pm

The Transformers: Statue and Darkness

Part three: Out of the Black Sky

The Void. Virtually endless. Black and empty. Forbidding, forboding, incalculable.., cold as a comet's heart and silent as the grave. None before who wandered in had ever found anything, at all, and from there, none had ever returned. Deep in the very center, countless tracts of space/time from anywhere else in the universe, sits one mecha-sun, circled by one planet, which is circled by one cybermoon. The sun is Sol-Tron, the moon is Trans-Luna and the planet is New Cybertron, often called The Lone Planet, The Diamond in the Dark, The Destination, The Heart of the Void, The Last Home, Jouney's End, The One and The Orphan. Later, in a darker time, it would be renamed.., Prime Alpha.

Peace. Rest from war. No more constant fear, anger or anxiety. No more endless, frenzied planning and counter planning to try
to attack or just survive. No more living with death every day. No more lost friends. No more hate. Peace.., ever longed for
by some, never concieved by others, but now embraced by all. A near complete lack of malice, jealousy and greed. Because of
the psychological effect of the horrific, gut-wrenching, sreaming, million year trip to The Void, and then another near
million years until slamming into the only planet, in combination with uncounted naturally occuring forces in the recently
traversed universe, not only were the Cybertronians tired from endless strife and their unbelievably harrowing trip, but many
of their memories of the war, as well as the emotions pertaining to it, were either buried deep, totally inaccessible,
damaged badly or wiped away completely. This was mostly owed to the fact that those thoughts and emotions had been formost in
the Cybertronians minds for so long that when the travel damage to their memory banks occured, the negative feelings and
memories were so prevalent that they were mostly what took the brunt of the damage. And since in Megatron these emotions and memories were even more forward than the rest, and plus the fact that he fought Prime's use of the Matrix to the extreme of
his own mental abilities, he suffered far more emotion/memory damage than anybot else. Hardly no functional memories were
effected, nor were their emotional circuitries, except the lessened emotions about the war. This made peace easier for all to
at least try long enough to get used to, so when there were things remembered that might stir negative feeling, they all
found that they preffered the quiet, comradery and co-operation to the old ways of war and hate, and all were learning their
greatest lesson.., forgiveness.

New Cybertron. A planet with a deep crust made up almost completely of mega-ores suitable for making supermetals,
criss-crossed by clear-oil rivers and lakes, half covered by dark, wide, crude oceans and an accessible heart of pure
energon. Also, deep in the south face of the highest and widest mountain on the planet(Mt. Primus) there was a huge meteorite
containing a metal never before seen by the Cybertronians. Later, when used to make vehicles, Spike found that the vehicles could survive any speeds that they were cabable of generating with absolutely no drag, heat, vibration or inertial effects, and the faster the vehicles traveled the lighter the metal became, so the less and less fuel they would require.

When the reality of where they were, or weren't, finaly became clear to the Cybertronians they knew they must have
leadership. There would be much to do if they were to survive, maybe even thrive, and order and co-operation would be
required to prevent counter-productivity or pure chaos. Decisions must be made, many decisions. None wanted to appoint a
single bot to command, with power over all, so in order for everybot to serve the ultimate goal as best as possible, each
according to his abilities, they separated themseleves into seven Divisions. The Divisions were Highway(HWY), AIR, 911,
Alternate Terrain(ALT), Construction(CON), Space(SPC) and Military(MIL). Each Division chose it's own commander and the seven
Division Commander became The Council of Seven, also known as The Council or The Seven. They would govern New Cybertron with
the help of their chosen officers. Not rule.., govern. It wasn't easy for any of the Divisions to settle on a commander, not
because too many were vying for the positions, but because even though all were willing to do their share, none seemed too willing to take on the responsibilities of leadership. But in time, and without strife, the right bots finally came forward
for the good of the Cybertonians. The Council of Seven was set: Mirage(HWY), Mudslinger(ALT), Ratchet(911), Nightflight(AIR),
Neutro(CON), Countdown(SPC) and General Warpaint(MIL).

Sustenance and shelter, the first two rules of survival. Except for a few teams of energon foragers, all bots went to work on
job one, removing the asteroid from the side of Mt. Primus. The ore would provide metals for later construction projects,
re-fits, repairs and vehicles, and the resulting cave would provide immediate, temperary shelter from possible photon storms,
magnetic tornados, cosmic rays, asteroids, even attacks, for though they'd seen nobot, they couldn't be sure there wasn't any
danger lurking in the black sky. Thus, that was where they settled, at the feet of Mt. Primus, on The Wide Plain, where they
lived without shelter until The Cave was cleared. Then inside they re-routed a clear-oil river and drilled deep enough to tap
into the pure energon beneath the planets crust. They fired their metalworks and made materiels to build a great city on The
Wide Plain. It would be the first, and for now, only city on the planet, but it would fill the entire plain with high towers
and strong walls. It would be built with it's back right up against the mighty mountain and connected by bridges to The
Cave,which would contain all generators, energon wells, fuel storage, solar power collectors, protected airstrips and
elevators up to the top of Mt. Primus where the Space Center would be located. The mountain-top Space Center would be
protected by both a force-field and a mega-power hologram projector that would make the top of the mountain look and feel
like high, steep, broken and inhospitable rock where nothing or nobot could land, it would appear so to all known optics,
scanners and sensors, as well as tactile contact.

And the city rose, and it was great, high and strong! They called it Cybertronia, in honor of both their old and new homes,
and the decades rolled by. And The Cave was completed and connected to the city, and power and The Transformers flowed into the shining metropolis proper, and the centuries rolled by. And the Space Center was built on the top of Mt. Primus, and the
power flowed to it through the elevator/conduits from The Cave, and it was protected from harm or detection, as a last resort
in case they were forced to attempt to escape The Void before they were ready. And a gigantic staue was built in honor of the
bot who made peace and a new home possible, Optimus Prime. And all three sections were completed and connected, and the great
city was complete, and the millenia rolled by.

They called the new metal "universium"(uVm), and after Cybertronia was complete there still remained over 85% of the
universium ore, because of it's ability to retain it's full strength when made into the thinnest metal and because there were
other ores for various supermetals to build where uVm wasn't required. So the next project was Spike's idea, using under 20%
of the remaining uVm along with an abundance of other supermetals and one massive, direct energy transfer from the deepest
energon well, he proposed to build a mecha-sun and name it in honor of Earth's star, "Sol-Tron". When powered up, the star would last without requiring a recharge for at least one hundred million years. Instead of sitting alone in the middle of the void, New Cybertron would now spin and circle it's own sun. Generating power from it's spinning and orbiting of the sun, and gathering energy from the rays of Sol-Tron itself. And the sun rose in the black-upon-black sky, and the ages rolled by.
Never resting it seems, Spike(foreman of the "City Crew", engineers attached to the city and not to a Division) and his top
bot, and now close friend, Megatron, theorized that a cybermoon could serve as a planetary stablizer, saving even more
energy, a first defense base, a lauch point for System Class space vehicles and a real moon, controling oil tides and
providing light through much of the night, again saving energy. So Spike and Megatron with the Construction Division built
the third member of the little solar system that was taking shape in the middle of The Void, they named it "Trans-Luna". And when it rose in the black night sky the NCs came out to stand a stare at the image of their long lost home, and it always stirred blurry memories of lives lost in the depths of time that almost seemed dreamlike, now. But, having it and Sol-Tron somehow made the New Cybertronians feel less alone in the universe, and the eons and eons rolled by.

From the boundless void it came, across the starless horizon, out of the black sky. The mecha-sun was down and the cybermoon
had passed, black night was on the city when the sky lit up and a fireball screamed low over Cybertronia and crashed into the
back wall of The Cave, causing massive shudders to run through the entire city. Imbedded deep in the wall was a huge,
red-hot, oblong, cybertronium box. Even with their attemped nitrogen coolings, it was a week before the box could even be
touched. When removed, outwardly undamaged, the box appeared to have no lid, henge or door, it seemed to be a solid block of
cybertronium. No scans would penetrate the box, which became known as "the obelisk", even though it technically wasn't one,
no lazer-punch or plasma-drill or even weapons fire could damage or even mark the surface. Spike had worked with and
manipulated cybertronium before, but he theorized that because of the super-heating that the obelisk indured, it had now
become desnser than uVm, non-malleable, impenetrable. But Spike did want not give up, even with the molecular changes that had occured, it was still cybertronium, at some point in time had come from Cybertron, it had to mean something, he knew that.He had it moved to his headquarters in the sub-basement of The Central Building, he had to build a special passageway to accomodate it, and spent all of his spare time trying every imaginable way to see into the obelisk or remove even a molecule for examination or experimentaion. It occupied his mind for nearly a thousand years before he began to think he would never solve the puzzle, and finally set it aside in favor of other projects and research.

One night, when least expected, a breakthrough occured. It was during The Allspark Festival, that was held every hundred
years on the anniversary of the day The Cave was completed and power flowed into the city, and the Cybertronians removed
themselves to the city proper and officially called themselves "New Cybertronians". There would be a break from work and all
would honor the chance for peace that they had been given when Optimus Prime sent them to their new home. There would be
meditation, tales of Old Cybertron, Earth and the many other places. There would be displays of art and technology, plays,
games of all sorts, much merrymaking, a giving of thanks to Primus, who most again fully believed in, and at the end of one
month, all would join together in playing the various instruments they had invented and the singing of songs. That festival
Jazz pitched an idea to Soundwave to use Trans-Luna as the largest speaker ever, to both amplify and broadcast their voices
and music, sending it back to them as well as out into The Void. "We'll rock The Void like an audio-tronic asteroid!" Jazz
was heard to say. Stranger and finer instruments than ever before were to be used this time, sub-bass tones so low that you
could see the soundwaves and highs that only the Beast-bots could hear. Sytha-comps producing complicated, repeating and
overlapping arpeggios and a depth and breadth of harmonic arrangement as had never been heard before. In their eons of peace,
they had grown much in art, music, philosophy and other persuits that war had never allowed them. As they reached the
crescindo of the final movement of the closing arrangement, a piece written by Skyload called "All Are One", everybot on the
planet was gathered together and sounding off at maximum output, Soundwave was linked to the mainframe of the Trans-Lunan
mega-speaker/transciever, and was broadcasting to his and the moon's full potential, on the final massive note, The
Central Building began to rumble, then vibrate, then rattle, then shake so voilently that only a building whose frame is made
entirely of universium could have survived, as was The Central Building. And the city shook, and damage was done, and giant
fixtures in the cave colapsed, and the very mountain itself was shaken to its roots. One huge fissure opened up, swallowing a
whole section of the city, leaving it deep in the bowles of the planet, buried beneath uncounted mega-tons of rubble. When
the panic and chaos finally ended, there was a silence deeper than any they had known since coming to their new home. Spike
and his City Crew volunteered to go deep under the city center, the epicenter of the quake, along with them went Construction
Division Combo Squad 1, they traced the epicenter to the special storage unit in City Crew Headquarters that had been built
to hold and study the obelisk. When they cleared away enough rubble to reach the storage unit, they were shocked to see that
the obelisk was glowing, not with heat but with some form of internal illumination, the metal was a bright, nearly blinding
yellow. Because of the danger of working around the damage that had been done to the lower levels not made of uVm, they
called on Nuetro and the Construction Division to clear the passageway and the obelisk was removed out into the open. No one
scanned or touched it, they just gathered around, not even talking, and as the silence grew, Sol-Tron rose in the east. When
the sunlight hit the obelisk, it's light began to fade. At first it returned to the look of solid metal, but as soon as it
reached it's original appearance it began to take on a softer look, and slowly it started to fade into a milky translucence.
In silent awe and wonder they waited, the power was off all over, when the night came the city would be black, but no repairs
were ordered. Sol-Tron set and rose again, and when it's golden rays landed on the obelisk the second time it was as clear as
Cyncaraxian crystal. The entire population stood and stared, dumbfounded. Inside, either enclosed or completely encased, was
an Earth-style Freightliner tractor-trailer, a square red cab and a grey trailor with blue and silver stripes running down
the sides, leading to an Autobot insignia. There could be no doubt, even with the varying amounts of memory loss and the
millions of years gone by, they all knew it was no other than the great and legendary Optimus Prime. The hero who had saved
the last of the Cybertronians. He was still and silent, and they were still.., and silent.
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This..., is The Dociverse. The place where all things small are larger than life. It had it's spontaneous beginings in the depths of time with The Micromaster Race Car Patrol. It grew quickly, and continues to expand, even as you read this.

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Transformers: Statue and Darkness

Part four: Golden Age Tales

After the most pressing problems from the quake were addressed, Spike asked the council permission to continue his research.
It was obvious that the music had caused the obelisk, which they now called "the casket", to react, so Spike launched himself into sonic research in an attempt find a way to open or cut through the casket. Whether it was combinations of notes, tones or sheer volume that caused the casket to clear, had to be determined, but all experimentation had to be tempered with much caution. Another, and possibly worse quake, must be avoided at all cost, there were already centuries of repairs ahead before Cybertronia would be as it was before. After examining every detail of the recordings of the final movement, along with data from the scanners that had still been constantly examining the the obelisk, Spike was eventually able to discover combinations of notes that would have limited effect on the casket, causing small vibrations or a faint glow. The recordings of one extremely low, rumbling vocal note from Grimlock in combination with a nearly inaudibly high note from Lazerbeak caused a temperary white line to appear around the outside of the casket, not a crack, as an opening, but where one would be. But the line would fade quickly even if the notes were artificially sustained. He decided to have them attempt to repeat live the exact tones, textures and timber of the notes they were singing during "All Are One", using Jazz and Soundwave to amplify and modify the sounds. On the third try, when they reached the final stanza the line appeared, this time glowing blidingly bright! The casket wasn't vibrating and the city wasn't shaking so Spike had them hold the their last notes as long they could. When the casket cracked open, the storage unit to which it had been returned lit up like the heart of a star! All were temporarily blinded, but as the gigantic casket opened the light eased to tolerable but still golden glow, like soft, captured starlight.

Spike, Megatron, Bumblebee, Jazz, Soundwave and Grimlock, with Lazerbeak perched on his shoulder, all stared silently as the casket opened completely and the glow faded. The crystal darkened and quickly took on the metalic look of a regular cybertronium container. Optimus Prime hadn't been encased, just enclosed. Inside the great container, Prime, in his huge alternate mode, sat shining like he had just rolled off of the assembly line. Still no one spoke, they moved to the container and climbed in. Primes trailer door wouldn't open, neither would his cab doors. Spike tried to tilt his cab, thinking maybe a regular old fashioned jump-start might awaken the stock-still Optimus Prime, but all of his parts were frozen in place, almost as if he had been hit by an immobilizer, but Spike new better. "Let's get him out of that box." said Bumblebee, softly, as if he feared he would disturb the silent semi. CON DIV brought cranes, fork-lifts, many strong hands and heavy block and tackle, and were able to remove Prime from the container, he was sat down on Lowboy's oversized trailer and hauled up to the city center by Scourge. There they unloaded him again on the east side of The Main Building right after sunset.

Word spead all over the city and soon most of the New Cybs were gathered on The East Side to see the stirring sight of Prime's mighty truck mode there, in the very city that they felt he had sent them to build. But now they were anything but silent. The exited chatter, speculation and stories of ancient times on their long lost home filled the streets. "Would he re-active himself?", "Could they re-activate him?", "Was his spark actually present or was this merely an inert, former vessle?", "Would he lead the the New Cybertronians into the next age if he rose and transformed?", "Had he been with Primus?", "Had he become one with Primus and then been returned?", "Would Primus follow him?" and "If he rose would he be somehow more than he was before?". There were also questions like "Did you ever meet him?", "Did you know him well?" and "Did you ever serve with him?". When naturally the questions came around to subjects like "Did you ever fight beside him?" from some, and "Did you ever do battle with him?" from others, the conversations would tend to falter, leaving most bots looking quietly and somehow apologetically at the ground, almost guilty. But the exitement of the moment would come back to them soon and all possibilities were discussed. Emotions were running the highest and widest they had since the day they arrived on New Cybertron. As the night came on and Trans-Luna rose, the city was lit brighter than it had been since before the quake. Discussion, meditation, song, music and even attempted psycic contact were all employed in attempts reach or trigger a transformation from the legendary Cybertronian that was parked on their street. Equally, the former Bots, Cons and Indies
felt that the one who was once known as Orion Pax would assure not only a Golden Age of New Cybertron, but also a way back to the known universe. For though they all loved their planet and and were greatful for the peace and comradery they had enjoyed, long had they missed wide open space. They wished for a way to get back to the stars and still be able to return to New Cybertron. But in all their ages on the planet, they had found no way out of the void. No ship could yet carry enough fuel to travel far enough to see any star, even if they built bigger ships, nobot wished to just take ship and travel without end, resigning themselves to never retuning, and no probe had ever sent back anything but pictures of black on black. Most hoped that Prime would someday let them take the robotic peace that they had found, back to the stars.

Even though all bots were acounted for, the power was on, the main roads were clear and most of the city was either accessible or cordoned off, there was still much, much work to be done, but days went by, and weeks, and months.., and almost nobot was doing anything except hanging around the eastside. Engineering was doing the barest of minimum maintainence to keep things safe, but that was about all that was getting done, except of course for Spike, who now worked ceaselessly, fevorish, desperate to free his old friend, mentor, leader and hero. For Spike, by vertue of his memory engram patterns being biological and not cybernetic in origin, had more clear memories, especially of Prime, than anybot else. The constant chatter continued for weeks, then slowly, one by one, they started to fall silent, contemplative. After a while there were only low voices in soft tones, speaking only when necessary, and the silence grew deep. Everybot was deep in their own thoughts, most were trying to remember what they now called "the days before the days before", few could recall anything at all. The time before the building Cybertronia most could remember clearly, the time in The Void before they landed on New Cybertron many couldn't remember at all, and from before the void only very few have more than some scattered memories of the elder days, some have nearly none at all. Many old stories and histories were told and passed around so they were remembered, but few had the actual memories of the times themselves, included were stories about the early days of New Cybertron, which was now becoming faded in memory for some. When night would fall they would wait for Trans-Luna to rise and most would spend the night staring at the moon as it made it way across the black sky, for it was an image that was burned into each and every bot from the time they came on line till the day they ceased to funtion. They hoped that watching the miniature replica of their long lost home crossing the sky might stir some buried memory that could help them figure out how to re-animate or at least reach Optimus Prime, if he truly inhabited the truck they were all gathered around.

The wait now grew very long, or so it seemed to them, but not long compared to the ages they have endured, still, years began to pass, and all anybot wanted to do was look at, be around or think about Prime. Backup energon stores, much of which was destroyed in the quake, were begining to run low and notbot was working the subterrainian tap-wells or pumping clear-oil into the energon distilleries, still they lingered, and some began to grow restless and impatient. And when it was suggested that it was time for the New Cybertronians to "get back to work", some were resentful and a few arguments broke out. "It's a free planet and I'll wait as long as I feel like waiting", and "freedom is earned, with hard work not sitting around rusting", then "Are we sure he's even in there?" and "I am and if you aren't you can get off of the street and leave the ones who are alone with it", "Don't tell me where to go ANYTIME!". At this point the Council stood together and tried to quite the emotionally charged crowd and at first they seemed to listen, but then became restive and again some fell back to short tempered bickering, then some that still did have intact memories of war said some things they shouldn't have, and later wished they wouldn't have, and for the first time on New Cybertron, the peace was seriously in danger of being disturbed. After one particularly unpleasant exchange of words, eventually two bots went to blows.., and there was violence on New Cybertron, for the first time ever. Suddenly, like victims of mass hyteria, though most were shocked by the violence they found themselves looking around wondering who they would be for or against if a big fight broke out, because it felt like one was about to. Just when things were on the verge of spinning out of control, a mighty engine roared loud enough to drown out the entire crowd, then an airhorn blew that caused them to duck and cover their audio-recepters and when they looked back to main street they seen thick black then blue smoke billowing out of the silver stacks with every deep rev of the big semi's engine. Then as they stared, frozen, the truck gunned it's engine and around The Central Building it went, with tires squeeling and trailer tipping. As it rounded the southwest corner and headed back towrd the crowd the cab BLASTED loose from the trailer, and into the air with flame and great noise it transformed and landed hard enough to shake the street, he straightened up and gleamed as Sol-Tron rose in his face...., it was..., OPTIMUS PRIME!

He dropped into a semi-crouch, weapon raised, left arm in a defensive position, swivling slightly at the waist and slowly turning his head back and forth as he surveyed the shocked and suddenly silent crowd. They all expected him to break the silence, to say something, tell them what he was doing there, how he got there, where he had been, or at least acknowledge that he recognized them! But he didn't break the silence, just contiued to watch as many of them as he could at a time. He didn't explain anything to them, and he didn't acknowledge them, because he didn't recognize any of them. His eyes nervously darted from one to the next, scanning, measuring, taking stock of these strangers who out numbered him hundreds to one. Jazz moved a step forward and got a blast in the shoulder that knocked him for a backflip, quickly Spike yelled "Nobody move!", but Ratchet and First Aid were already heading toward Jazz and nobot was going to stop them. Prowl had his sidearm out and ready to fire, and seeing Jazz down and Prime drawing a bead on First Aid, he wanted to fire, Prime or not, but again it was Spike who urged restraint, "He doesn't even know who we are!" he yelled, and then "Prime.., PRIME! OPTMIUS PRIME!!". Now Prime slowly turned toward Spike, aiming the blaster at his chest, and stared at the binary bonded body that out of all the ages deep fog and night through which he had come..., seemed somehow..., familiar? Prowl had his pistol trained on Prime's head as Spike and Prime stared at each other, "Prime.., it's me.., Spike! Remember? That was JAZZ you just shot! Remember your oldest friend.., JAZZ?" said Spike. When Ratchet and First Aid picked up Jazz and headed for the ERS(Emergency Repair Shop) Optimus whirled on them and cocked his weapon, Spike leaped between them and the the weapon just as Prime's head suddenly drooped to his chest and his knees buckled, before he collapsed he whispered one questioning word., "Re-mem-ber?" he asked. And, when he awoke on a repair bed Prime did seem to remember the faces looking down at him. He felt the restraints holding him in place but didn't feel the need to fight against them. He looked at the still smoking hole in the shoulder of the bot in the next bed that was being frantically attended to by two white and red bots, and he remebered being told his name..., Jazz. He remembered waking from an everlasting horrible nightmare of claustrophobic encasement to strange surrondings and strange faces, and the palpable feelings of agression and danger of conflict that was in the air at the time had his cybernerves crackling with static electricity. He rememberd that his optics hadn't completely recalibrated and were going in and out of focus and anything that moved seemed a danger and a target. Then he remembered..., the gray and blue bot. He searched the faces over the bed and found the Nebulonian faceplate that had come into focus in front of him just before things went black. He stared into the cyber-eyes with the human optic nerves, and he knew those eyes. He had known them when they were young, very young. He had seen them look out through that same faceplate when they were still organic. He had seen them weep for a lost father when they were semi-oganic and and were binary bonded to the circuitry of the transforming exo-suit to which most of his mechanically enhanced body was now also bonded. And he had seen their final refit, when his last human cognitive and memory ingrams were downloded into the most advanced positronic brain known to Cybertronian science, and only the nerves, sealed in silicone and fully funtional, were preserved. He remebered a face, a human face that had once been behind that faceplate.., he remebered.., SPIKE! Then slowly, as he looked around the crowded room, he recognized the bots.., Bumblebee, Grimlock, and as he again looked at the next table, "JAZZ!" he yelled and startled the room. He was Optimus Prime, and he was back.

Prime had no idea how he had come to New Cybertron. He, like the rest, had suffered significant memory loss on his journey to and through The Void, but he remebered much of his last day on Cybertron and when most of his mental faculties were recovered he was pleased and greatful that they had had all survived and had even built a home here in The Void. But before he could even shake the stiffness out of his gears, the bots had made genuine and heart-felt apologies about the previous friction and were already talking about their "leader" returning, just assuming that Prime would automatically take command of New Cybertron. But Prime had no urge to take on the burden of leadership, especially sole leadership. After having been told much of the history of the planet, Prime felt the Council of Seven had done and were doing an exemplary job and had the governing of the planet well in hand. They had overseen the historic forming and shaping of The Divisions and the coucil system, the building of a great city, a mecha-sun and a cybermoon, and had promoted peace, comradry and co-operation, and he saw no reason to interfere. But, to the bot, everybot wanted Prime as leader and none were shy about saying it. After hearing them speak Prime said "Friends, I would like to rest, recover and think long and hard before agreeing to anything. With all due respect, I feel I've done my bit, and if I can, I would live quietly in this paradise that you have made." But in time, and with well meaning but unrelenting pressure, Optimus agreed to serve, but only if he could serve as chair of a still intact governing council, he didn't want to take any power from the Division Commanders. He asked Spike if he would expand the City Crew to become The Engineering Division(ENG) and also serve on The Council as a Division Commander, so as to have eight voting members and Prime would preside over the council but only vote in the event of a tie. That way Prime felt that an elected Council was still governing New Cybertron, for he had no urge to "rule". Prime also stipulated that Jazz(now fully recovered) and Bumblebee would be detached from the Highway Division and attached directly to his office. Jazz would serve as Vice-Chair, his second in command, if command it must be, and he would lead in Prime's absence, Bumblebee would serve as Prime's cheif advisor, personal aid, conscience and, oddly enough, bodyguard. They wouldn't vote on the council but were always present and were of course very influencial.

So the agreements were made, and the new government of New Cybertron, 11 bots that would try lead the planet into a Golden Age, was formed. And more was made of it than Prime would have prefered, but over the ages he had become legend and the New Cybertronians would settle for no less than a huge celebration with much pomp and pagentry. The huge, new Great Hall, big enough to hold the entire population, was built for the ceremony. A new Council Chamber was built on the first floor of The Central Building(now popular opinion was that it's name should be changed to The Prime Building) and, without his knowledge,a huge chamber for Prime on the top floor with roof access. An exact copy of the table in the Council Chambers was constructed on a dais in The Great Hall, five chairs on each side and and one great one that looked too much like a throne to suit Prime, at the head. And at the climax of the ceremony when all of the members of The Council were seated, and Jazz and Bumblebee came out and sat in the two chairs closest to the head of the table, Optimus Prime walked out and stood behind the great chair and waited for quiet. When it came he said in a solemn tone: "I didn't come here to rule. I don't know why or even how I came here. But if it was stictly the providence of Primus or if indeed I meant to send you precisely here, it wasn't to be ruled by anybot, but to live free. Command is a complicated thing, I have commanded many in many situations, to good or ill, history will judge, but I wish not to command. If I can help you to govern yourselves and offer inspration in these times of peace, maybe I can also find time for my own search for inner peace. But, call it a position of guidance, government or command, as you choose, I hearby agree to moderate, guide and preside over The Council of New Cybertron. On a world where 'All Are One', if more peace and prosperity are possible, we will move together into a new Golden Age!" And at that point he sat down at the head of the table and The Great Hall erupted in applause and cheers, and a wonderful, deep and moving wave of emotion swept over them all, and a new age was born on New Cybertron.

That night, as Megatron was in his recharging chamber,in deep diagnostic mode, he had a short but intense "dream". An unidentified, ultra highspeed data stream from an unknown internal source that shot through all of his systems for a few nano-seconds and jolted him upright and to full attention, but he could not recall, access or trace anything about the "dream", he only knew it was extremely disturbing. That night he didn't return to his chamber, and the thought of a deep diagnostic filled him with such unease that he eventually began to avoid them and also took to getting by on portable energon packs to avoid his recharging chamber unless it became absolutely necassary. But for reasons he himself didn't even understand, he kept the dream and the unease to himself.

The heavily damaged city had only been partially pieced back together, but now with the return of Optimus Prime, their long worshipped hero and literal savior as inspiration, the bots threw themselves into the work with more exited enthusiasm than they had ever felt. Spike and Neutro, with advice from Prime and The Council and the eager help of everybot on the planet, redesigned the cityscape with more buildings, more access ramps, deeper basements, more defensive emplacements and even higher and stronger walls. The cave was put back in order and reinforced, and two new huge uVm mixture smelters were built against the back wall. When the Space Center had been repaired, refit and replated, a huge area on the mountain top was cleared, as for a launching area big enough for a massive space fleet. Spike and Megatron had reached another level of skill in the maipulation of universium(uVm), they were finally able to meld it with other super ores, and when they did the uVm molecules would bond to the others, making a maliable super metal nearly as strong and durable as pure uVm with only a 1% mixture. Thus, all of the new constuction was virtually indestructible, and all surviving structures were reinforced or completely plated with the new 'construction mixture' as they called it. And a new city rose from the old, and it was bigger, stonger, brighter and more beautiful than any they had seen, on Cybertron or anywhere else any of them had ever been.

The final phases of the constuction and repair were timed so that all three sections of the city(The Bouroughs) were complete just in time for The Allspark Festval. It was the biggest party in the history of New Cybertron. And any restlessness that had been arising was banished in the light of the their vast, stunning and mighty city. And all recent conflict was truly forgiven and the old memories of war and hate in the "time before time" faded even more and they play music, and danced, and told stories of the early days of New Cybertron. Because, for the most part, those were their oldest stories now, for the "pre-time", as they also called the time before The Void, was just rare, scattered and foggy memories for more and more of them all the time. Fortunately, their computer/machine memories would never be what they were before the long trip. Of course they never did have ifinate memory storage capacity, but now those certain long term memories would continue to slowly degrade. And that was a blessing, for then the unpleasantness of the past could truly be forgotten and left behind. Now they gathered around and told stories of surviving The Void, and surviving the landing(promting loud laughter), of their long wandering of the planet before making the first settlement on The Wide Plain at the foot of MT Primus. They told of the early days when they nearly failed because they needed leadership but none sought command and all feared to be commanded. How they finally decided that for all to better serve the greater good they would divide into seven specialized groups that would each choose a leader, and the seven group leaders would govern as a committee, and The Divisions were born, and the wise and powerful Council of Seven was formed to guide New Cybertronians into this new begining that was before them. And somebot would always start up their favorite stanza of "A Statue of Optimus Prime", or start at the begining and then take turns reciting lines. Jazz and Soundwave's "voidspeaker" they had installed on Trans-Luna had been completely rebuilt with a diaphram of pure uVm, "This is gonna be loud 'nuff for TWO Voids." Jazz laughed as they installed it. And when Sol-Tron rose on the morning of the thirtieth day of the festival and "All Are One" was played for the second time and finally finished(without a quake), Prime stood on the roof of The Central Building and fired a series of blasts out into The Void and said in a great voice "New Cybertronians! Children of The Endless Journey! Survivers of The Great Void! Far cast seeds of Primus! See this paradise that we have made together! Feel the peace in which we live and be thankful, and be joyful. Through WAR.., DESPERATION..., and near TOTAL DESTRUCTION we have come to a time of co-operation, comradry.., and BROTHERHOOD! I asked not to lead, but was ASKED, so if leader you would have me, and leader I be, then I would take one liberty with that appointment, I hearby rename this great city: CYBERTROPLIS!" The applause and cheers went on endlessly and the sound gradually became the sounds merrymaking, song and laughter. Later, all agreed that that day marked the begining of The Golden Age of New Cybertron. And it lasted longer than most civilizations, planets or galactic empires last.

The NCs became more refined, mentally and physically. And their technology advanced with time, and they searched and saw farther and farther out into The Void. But indeed, Void was all they saw. But none were dissappointed, it was a developing research and they had time and enjoyed their work, and none would be willing just aim a ship and vanish from NC, never to return in the name of research. But a massive fleet was built, in case of a forced evacuation or other emergency, or if they did find a way to cross the void and be able to return. Soon there were enough ships to carry the entire population plus much energy stores, parts and supplies across The Void. So New Cybertron turned, and in the passage of it's longest ages yet, was brought the greater brotherhood that Prime had desired.
This..., is The Dociverse. The place where all things small are larger than life. It had it's spontaneous beginings in the depths of time with The Micromaster Race Car Patrol. It grew quickly, and continues to expand, even as you read this.

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TransFormers: Statue and Darkness

Part Five: The Crystal Casket

From southern skies of black it came, a flame that split the night

encased in living metal fire, a crystal casket bright

From far away beyond The Void, millinia out of mind

a dream of long lost Cybertron, from other space and time

For some came only joy or awe, when cleared the crystal box

to some came strange but surging thoughts, like minute mental shocks

Long buried lost forgotten dreams, seemed just out of their reach

of times before the times before, that faded legends teach

but very few remembered now, the time of bare survival

the end of the eternal trip, the day of their arrival

As ages wore old circuits failed, replacements and repairs

the memories of old Cybertron, were hardly even there

But on the day the casket cleared, and crystal shown The Prime

many bots felt tremors chill, from dark and distant time

Though everybot knew just one thing, that Prime had saved them all

his return to his lost kin, would someday bring their fall

Yet many age was yet to pass, and brotherhood increase

before the shadow could return, endangering the peace

For Prime had now returned to them, from beyond time and space

to guide them to a Golden Age, with wisdom, strength and grace
This..., is The Dociverse. The place where all things small are larger than life. It had it's spontaneous beginings in the depths of time with The Micromaster Race Car Patrol. It grew quickly, and continues to expand, even as you read this.

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TransFormers: Statue and Darkess

Part Six: Shadows of the Past

Even in the midst of being truly happy in his work and friendships, Megatron's dreams continued, even though he avoided deep diagnostics and regeneration in his chamber all he could, which began to cause a robotic form of sleep deprivation, and the times when he was forced to re-gen, he began to wake up...., angry? And he started to find that when he was alone he was constantly trying to pierce the veil over the past. For he had lost more memory than most. At one point he decided that deep diagnosos mode in his re-gen chamber was the only way to see what was just beyond his mind. If the "dreams" shocked him awake, he would return as fast as possible. And he began to adjust and then customize his chamber for deeper and deeper dianostic sweeps, staying under for longer and longer. He eventually began to be remiss in his duties, though none on New Cybertron had to do anything they didn't wish to, all work was done cheerfully and voluntarily, but Megatron felt reticent to admit that he wasn't helping in order to stay in his re-gen and enjoy the seconds of intense emotion that waking would bring, and search for the source of the dreams. So, for perhaps the first time on New Cybertron, a lie was told. Not a big lie, not a harmful lie(initially), not a lie for greed or power or spite, just a small lie to cover something he truely didn't understand, but could resist less and less as the centuries passed. He would say he was doing some research or other, or that he was doing a little constuction on his quarters,that he was away exploring the frontier and other such "harmeless" lies. Soon he began to feel another strong emotion, shame, for the lying. He would wake in his chamber, with the vagely angry feelings, and immediately feel the shame, and in the combination of the two emotions, were born the seeds Megatron's slow and secret darkening. And, as much as the return of Prime was celebrated, it had inadvertently began an awakening that nobot else on the planet was aware of, nor could they have known what it portented, had they been aware.

Eventually, Spike began to worry about his companion and Engineering Division second in command. They had been very close since the early days, and now Megatron seemed to be becoming more distant and slightly formal in his responses to work or personal questions, requests or observations, and he seemed to be avoiding Spike and his other friends and co-workers. After a very long time and many failed attempts to draw him out about what was bothering him, Spike, out of genuine concern, finally decided to try and find out what the problem was, for Megatron's own good, to attempt to help him. One day, with Megs working on the main west power conduit in the city, Spike secretly went to his HQ on Trans-Luna and after poking around for a while, accessed the memory files of Megatron's re-gen chamber and found out about the "dreams", how they had started the night of Primes "coronation". Then, feeling ever more guitly, he found and opened his personal log and read all about how Megatron had been one of the ones who had felt a strange uneasiness when Prime first appeared, and how he had just recently had his first clear memory of a dream after awakening in the chamber, and it was of Prime, and he truely felt the clear and present anger for the first time. For when he had awoke, it burned like fire, like never before, but for the shortest time. And though he didn't yet understand why, that feeling just felt...., right? Megatron made it clear that he intended to continue to persue this obcession, at all cost.

Spike left Trans-Luna, which he and his friend had built together so long ago, torn about whether or not to tell Prime his concerns for Megatron. Having suffered the least memory loss of any of the NCs because his human memory ingrams were affected differently by certain comsic forces, Spike had a more clear idea of what it was like when things were bad, he had some memories of what Megatreon was like before, and that worried him now. Should he keep his friend's secrets and try harder to reach him? Does he owe it to Prime to tell him that his arrival may at long last be causing the beginings of grief on New Cybertron? How would that effect Prime? How would Megatron's knowledge of Spike's deceit effect their friendship? Finally, much grieved by the decision, Spike told Prime the truth. Prime didn't even respond. He was dumbstruck. He just sat motionless untill at last Spike appologized nervously for having to tell him and excused himself. Once he had recovered from the trip to New Cybertron, Prime had found that, perhaps due to making the trip in the crystal casket, he had more surviving memories than all except Spike. So, he also knew what it could mean for the peace to ever be shattered. He remebered Megatron on Cybertron, Earth and other places. He didn't hate him for it, didn't blame him for it, but.., he remembered. True, most of the population had virtually no remaining memories of war, but he remembered. And making the hardest decision of his entire life, he knew that he must leave as soon as possible and hope that the robotic paradise they had created could survive this possibility for trouble. Perhaps without him around to disturb Megatron(or any other former Decepticons?) any further, he would recover his peace of mind and not seek his past, and pray Primus, not find it.

Spike had tried to leave no sign of his trespass, but Megatron was already begining to become slightly paranoid, due to the lies, guilt, shame and the irresistable attraction to the intensity of extreme emotion. He had taken a few secret security measures at his HQ. Not too long ago, he had convinced Spike to let him spend most of his time commanding Engineering on Trans-Luna using rotating squads from the planet, so one of the top two engineers will be in the city and one on the moonbase at all times, just in case, and so all the members are familiar with Trans-Luna's sytems. His real reasons were just to have the chance for more solitude and less chance of his crew knowing too much about what he was doing. As soon as he returned to his quaters he knew who had been there and what he had found. Then he had another burst of emotion, a strong combination of anger(without the need of a dream this time) and..., was it.., fear? Then, desperation? He knew he must do whatever was called for in order to continue his..., research? Yes. Research. He remebered the recent image from the first clear dream, Prime. He wasn't sure what made him think so, but that's where he would expect Spike to go with his secret, if anywhere. And for the first time since coming to this planet, he thought of Prime with a small darkness hovering on the edge of his conscience. He knew he must immediatly know what Spike and Prime were up to.., all the time. Being second in command of the Division, it wasn't too hard for Megatron to covertly bug Spike, and with a little more craft he was able to bug Prime's HQ. He listened in to the conversation between Spike and Prime and was more angry still. And felt something else old but familiar, that "me against them" feeling. And he couldn't deny, this also, felt...., right. When Prime didn't speak at all, Megatron took that as a sign that he was taking the news very hard, and he was glad to think it. After Spike left, Prime called Jazz and Bumblebee and told them everything that Spike had told him and everything that he and Spike remembered about the times of war. At first they would not even listen to him talk about leaving, so he decided to use the power that had more or less been forced upon him, and told them it was an ORDER that they help him to prepare to go and to keep absolute secrecy. He would do what nobot wished to do, take a small but very powerful ship made of pure universium, inside and out, and vanish into The Void, never to return. Just keep going until you find the living universe again or all time passes away. He had come from the south at midnight, so he would return on the same trajectory that brought him here, and hope that Spike's theory about ships made of pure uVm getting lighter at high speeds, allowing yet higher speeds, lightening the burden again, and again and again. To the eventual point of using hardly any measurable amount of fuel and traveling at speeds never concieved by Cybertronian science. He had no idea where he would go if he ever found his way back to a familiar galaxy, but if his presence here was fouling what had stood tall for so long before his arrival, then go he must. Bee and Jazz tried to convince him to take them along, but instead, he convinced them that they needed to stay and try to keep things stable with the yet again newly expanded council. He didn't know how they would take the news of his leaving, or the population in general, for that matter. New Cybertron would need leadership from Jazz and he would need the Bee there with him.

When Megatron heard all of this it gave him more to think about than he had expected. He had been a powerful leader, a commander of many battle troops in the rumored wars of long ago that most had no actual memories of. He had no real memories of it himself, but anyone who hasn't seen war close up thinks they can imagine what it's like, now he knew he had been there, many, many times, and he wanted to remember. And he wondered how him knowing that Prime was leaving or that Jazz would be "taking command" could be used in his favor. But before he allowed himself to go over all of the politics of all that he had heard, he went straight to his newest chamber and set it for the deepest diagnostic possible, and let it shut down all of his conscious, cognetive funtions. It seemed that when his spark burned the lowest was when his memory was least impeded. Deep, DEEP into the darkness Megatron went, straining to remember, looking backwards, to the past. Then it started to work, he seen clearly all of his times on the planet, clearer than he had seen them for many an age, then through the gathering darkness he saw hundreds of robots tumbling and screaming through space at unimaginable speeds. Farther back still, he seen a planet, with two moons, exploding on one side, he knew he had done it.., and why. But the darkness was covering him now, and he blacked out. When he finally did awake, he ripped and crashed loose from his chamber and fell to the floor screaming and tearing at the sides of his head with his fingers. All of his memories, all the way back to the exploding planet(and beyond?) were now fully re-installed in his frontal conscious banks. It was far too much for him to handle all at once, but that wasn't the most important thing, because along with all of the memories also came the undiminished, undamaged, raw emotion of the moment. All of the feelings he had had when he was a great warior, a powerful leader. And when he finaly recovered and was able to stand, and the screaming, shaking and raking at his headplates had stopped, he felt something else deep in his core that he hadn't known for eons..., hate. In quiet but deely rumbling tones, he slowly repeated his own name, like he had just heard it for the first time. "Megatron. Megatron. Megatron." then "I was Megatron? Yeesss, I was Megatron!" and finally "I AM MEGA-TRON! Leader of the DECEPTICONS!!" At the sound of his own raised voice he froze and immediately checked his soon to be vastly improved security systems. Everything was still not completely clear to him, but instinct told him he must return to seeming happy, helpful and friendly. Nobot must suspect any more than has already been suspected. Prime would leave, then he must do his best to convince Jazz, Bumblebee and Spike that he was recovering from his personal distubance. They were the only ones who knew anything, and he must try to keep it that way.
This..., is The Dociverse. The place where all things small are larger than life. It had it's spontaneous beginings in the depths of time with The Micromaster Race Car Patrol. It grew quickly, and continues to expand, even as you read this.

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TransFormers: Statue and Darknes

Part Seven: Gone

The Universe gives, but exacts it's own cost

in promised potential, and paradise lost

electo-mechanical hearts still can break

with the loss of a hero, and the hope he can take

Alone, alone, in the darkness is he

alone are his people, from whom he must flee

with Void growing deeper between him and they

it's darkness and mourning that now fills their day

For if ever did people need one to show how

the New Cybertronians needed him now

for he never suspected when leaving that day

the level of change that was now on it's way

Awakening now was Megatron's heart

worse than his mind, his most dangerous part

he was biding his time for his plans to begin

New Cybertron now.., the whole Universe then

Prime found a cavern in which to build his ship, he could have commandeered any ship, but he wanted to be gone before anybot knew he was leaving. The cavern was the deepest on the planet. It had opened up and swallowed parts of the city during the great quake. The lost sections were all buried extremely deep and with so much debris on top, and no bots were trapped below, so even the salvage operation was canceled. The area had contained a long wide airfield and, saddly, the legendary "Statue of Optimus Prime". And since Prime was really not in favor of giant statue of himself anyway, a huge platform was built over the entire chasm and the city's re-construction rolled on. Prime found a spot where the surface was flat and mostly unused, it could be customized into two huge, concealed exit doors, large enough for his ship to launch through when the time came. He was suffering now from the angst of knowing he would be leaving without telling the NCs. He felt like a liar, though he had been forced to tell no actual lies, yet, it all seemed like a constant lie of ommision. He now so regretted that he had ever wished not to have the "burdens" of leadership thrust upon him. He wished he could stay here and lead his people forever, or find a way to take them back to the living universe, anything but be torn from them. He remembered the last time he had presided over The Council, the ratifying of the charters of five newly formed Divisions. 911 was divided into Medic Division(MDC), Cybertropolis Fire Division(CFD) and Cybertropolis Police Division(CPD). Alternate Terrain Division also had two new Divisions split from it, all water craft(also several aircraft from AIR Division) formed the Aquatic Division(AQA) and all Beastbots left to form their own Beast-Bot Division(BST). At the time he was actually thinking that he didn't really need to be there, the decisions were all agreed upon by the entire Council, The Commanders for the new Divisions were all obvious choices; Ratchet(MDC), Prowl(CPD), Red Alert(CFD), Seawatch(AQA) and of course, Grimlock(BST). There would still be an even number of Councilbots so the chair would only be needed for a rare tie-breaking vote. Just as he was thinking he might have a chance to leave soon, Grimlock lumbered up to the table with "Me no have room at pu-ny Coun-cil ta-ble. Me bring BIG stone ta-ble from Beast-base, then they be PLEEEN-TY ROOM! HAH! HAH HAH!" And Prime remembered how they all laughed when Spike said "Leave that to me and Neutro..., you big BOZO!" and when Grimlock answered "Me no BO-ZO.., me Coun-cil-bot!"

Though he didn't know that it could be his last Council meeting, Prime felt the strong bond that existed between this small group of survivers of a once great race, and decided, if it were possible, to rededicate himself to to serving his kinsbots. To making their lifes more blissful, fullfilling, meaningful. Now, in a couple days he would be gone. For he knew in his heart that it was his return to his people that was awakening the long sleeping seeds of strife, and he must go now while the distubance is in it's comparative infantcy. The only hope for peace was to remove the sorce of trouble and hope it was done soon enough. For if he stayed now, and tried to help or watch and possibly deal with Megatron, wouldn't it raise the chances of others being simiarly disturebed? What would he do if he stayed and couldn't help Megatron.., prepare for war? Let the old violence loose in paradise? No, the best chance for peace, was for him to leave New Cybertron.., and never return. And his best chance to cross The Void and come out..., anywhere, was a ship made of pure uVm. So, deep in what was then called Northfissure, he built "Satis-Celest", or The Sad Star, and with room for himself and hopefully enough energon to get across the void(at what were still theoretical speeds), but only if he put himself in stasis for the trip to save energy, and left the sensors on the ship connected to the systems that could awaken him if the LU(Living Universe) comes within scanning range. Otherwise, eternal sleep, and that prospect chilled his oil. The idea of shutting himself off and just hoping to wake up some day had kept him from rest or sustenance since the decision was made. But his small but extremely powerful ship was nearly finished. It would be all propulsion and cloak, no extras. No weapons, shields, landing gear or communications arrays. There was only room for Prime with his blaster to fit in bot mode, exatly room enough and no more. His trailer and, sadly, Roller would be staying behind, the rest was just fuel and engines. He thought to himself "I hope you're right, Spike, or I'll get more rest than I ever even thought I wanted."

Though not altogether sure of his intentions, even after some time to consider, Megatron knew something was coming, things were changing, and was sure he had awakened for a reason. But he must wait, observe, see what advantages he could find to help him with his..., plans? Nonetheless, a return to former normalcy would give him the chance to use his already improving spygear to eavesdrop on Jazz, Bumblebee and all of the Councilbots, and eventually all members of the Police and Military Divisions. And, he must put some thought into the possibilty of ..., allies. More and more now, he could remember the time before The Void, now he remembered the closest thing to a friend that he had ever known in the old times..., Soundwave. He must be made Megatron's permanent second in command on Trans-Luna. He would find a way to wake up his most truted soldier, together they could begin the slow rebuilding of the Great Decepticon Empire. But this time, he thought, he must use other methods than just pure force and distructive military tactics. Those tactics, however enjoyable, had never made him conqueror of the universe or ultimately destroyed his enemies, for now he could remember back to the times before the Great Cybertronian Recall. He must find a way to conquer them willingly but unwittingly, from the inside. "With Prime out of the way, there'll be plenty of time to find a way." he thought, and then "Prime..., out of the way?" And he whispered to his empty quarters "I must use the loss of their GREATEST HERO.., to help me gain control of them." And he determined to apply every bit of available energy to learning everything about Prime that he could before he completed his ship and left. He had a dark idea now. Their love and literal hero worship of Prime could be turned to something.., different, something., deeplyemotional. Something they would feel bound to, pulled to, faithful to. He found what he needed eventually while spying on Prime as he built his ship. Megatraon wanted to see the ship and all Prime was doing, but all approaches were too busy other than tunneling from outside the city to deep below the ship and the rubble and the burried cityscape. There he found it, still standing after the quake and the fall, almost completely undamaged, protected by a huge section of city wall that had lodged sideways and kept the tons of rubble from smashing it..., A Statue of Optimus Prime!. Now as he watched Prime and Spike, and listened to them worry aloud about the population's reaction to Prime's sudden and unannounced departure, Megatron's mind swam with ideas about how to exploit the situation. Given time, he could create a system of worship, obedience, and faithfulness to.., Optimus Prime! Judging from the way they all acted when he showed up and when he took command, if he went about it the right way, they would all gladly join the movement, "To assuage their poor bereaved sparks after the loss of their dear saviour", he laughed silently to himself. "And when full dedication to the church is achieved, then the church, not the Council or the masses, will run this planet, and the pious and humble Megatron..., will run the church." Then, from the darkest corners of his evily awakening mind came one word, a word that would someday echo in horror and terror across the galaxies..., PRIMISM.

"My friends, the last of the Cybertronians, the NEW Cybertronians. Please forgive me for leaving you this way, without proper farewell or explanation. But gone I am if you're seeing this, and no ship here could ever catch me, nor have I the choice to turn back once launched. I will be in stasis until or unless my ship reaches the Living Universe." started the message that Prime left for his stunned and heartsick people. "I deeply regret that I cannot tell you why I must leave you, my beloved kin, but only that it is absolutely imperative that I go. If there were any way to stay, I would be with you still, and always. I can only tell you to keep faith, faith in each other and faith in your leaders, faith in the great spark that will re-unite us all, someday. Have strength, the strength of the Cybertronian heart, and the strength of those who stand TOGETHER! And pray..., pray always for peace, even in the most peaceful times."

Then..., they were alone. In a crowded city.., alone. Crowded together on work crews.., alone. Standing together on the city walls.., alone. The entire populous was stunned and horrified, beyond comfort. Except, there were four who weren't surprised, and one of them.., was elated. Megatron had recorded Prime's message as he spoke, and though Prime intended it to go to Jazz and B first, then the Council, then the citizens, HE wanted the heaviest possible impact on all of the people at once. So he intercepted the message on it's way to Jazz, for two reasons, to mass release it on every screen, speaker and frequency(and make it seem as if Prime had wanted it done that way), and to alter it just a little with some samples from his eavesdroppings on Prime, in order to steer their hearts and minds in a certain direction, just a gentle shove, and at their lowest, weakest point. He now also had a perfected a very weak and undetecable memory chip inhibiter. So if he chose at any time, others around him would remember the events, but just not completely clearly. All part of his new higher minded philosophy of conquest. His growing paranoia told him that the less anybot knew about him, unless he wanted them to, the better. He no longer wanted the Autobots dead, as he had for eons, now he wanted to RULE each and every one, completely and absolutely.

After all of the eons without him, before the return, the New Cybs had now come to depend on knowing that their greatest hero was right there, with them, protecting and guiding them. The "golden age" had lasted ages beyond count, but now they collectively felt the end of it coming, if it hadn't already came. For the second time, work stopped. Nobot seemed to be doing anything, though many still moved in certain circles and situations out of habit, so there were people around the city all the time, just not really doing..., anything. Jazz was immediately and unanimously chosen by the council to preside, they asked him to please stay at least until things got back to some sense of normalcy, longer if possible. "I want this much less than Prime did, but I'll serve, if I'm capable, for as long as you need me, and won't hesitate to step down if asked." Jazz and B spoke secretly about the Megatron situation, but according to Prime's wishes, they just let him be and hoped for the best while they went about the task of trying to fill Prime's shoes between them. And when they seen him, he seemed genuinly bereaved about the loss they had all suffered. Some time later, when many things finally were begining to get back to normal(technically, not spiritually),and the two of them had a little more free time, they did make a point of checking in on him a few times and for all they could tell he seemed fine, and then Spike came to them to convince them of that very thing and that was enough for them, they worried about all the other things that always need attention, and not about Megatron. And that was very important to him, for with Spike convinced that they were friends again, and Jazz and B busy and unconcerened, he could speed up his bugging of anybot he felt needed watched. And Trans-Luna being the main com-center for the planet also helped.

Spike was happy and relieved to have his old friend back. When Megatron came to him and "in confidence" confessed to him all the things that Bee already knew, followed by a convincing and heart-felt sounding account of the day Prime left, and of how it had had a profound effect on him(which was true), and had made him truely realize the importance of peace, co-opperation and friendship. "Please don't tell anybot what I was thinking or doing, how wrong I was. Believe me, I'm a new bot, old friend." said Megatron with his hand extended to Spike. And Spike believed him, and that was his first real overt act of evil in ages. The rest had been sneaking and spying, and even though his new plan was to be very covert for some time to come, it felt very good to decieve Spike with real purpose. Spike went straight to Jazz and Bb with his excitment still fresh and pleaded Megatrons case and they were convinced. On the trip back to Trans-Luna Megatron could barely contain himself, but he had to appear as grieved as anybot on the shuttle. Then just before landing, on the nearly empty passenger deck, following a sudden impulse, activating his memory inhibiter, Megatron stood and spoke loudly, but in pained tones, to a small crowd that included Soundwave. "My friends! My brothers! Do we all feel his loss? DO WE?", "WE DO!" all agreed, and as he paused, the palpable sorrow that had already prevailed, grew deeper and stronger. "Is he GONE?!" he shouted, "IS.., HE .., GONE?", "YES" they cried, heads bowed or shaking slowly, or with hands covering faces. "Must we live without him?" "CAN we live without him? Then silence.., nobot wanted to say that they could. "CAN WE?!" he said. Then "NOOO!!!" he answered himself and again all agreed. "For all he has done for us, for all he has given us, for all he has taught and will teach us, if we CAN'T live without him....,(murmers of 'no, we can't').., then we must.., LIVE WITH HIM!" And his voice had risen, he sounded sad but strong, and they were drawn to him, to the idea of something that could heal their continuing pain. So he went on "We must find a way to live WITH him, every day. To be with him, we must all show him praise for his boundless gifts that we still possess! We must ALL begin to dedicate ourselves to his ways." Then he paused as most of them looked up at him.., "Is there anything in him that could be WRONG to follow? IS THERE?! "NOOO!" they answered, and now their voices were stronger, pained as well, but sounding almost..., hopeful. "Then I say that some among us, wiser and more pious than myself...," *murmers in his favor*,.., "should meditate on these things, and some should be appointed to lead our spirits to the final union of sparks, where we will SEE HIM AGAIN!!" The listeners cheered and turned to each other with the first lifted spirits in the long weeks of Prime's abcense. Megatron slumped his shoulders and bowed his head, looking like he was trying to leave the deck without notice, humble and pious, but first a few and then the rest gathered around him, they wanted to hear more, and from HIM. It was all praise and questions, more questions than Megatron was prepared to answer. Luckily, the shuttle was ready to land and all must sit until landing then tend to their baggage and whatever business brought them to Trans-Luns. He was able to slip away down an empty power conduit and make his way to his HQ.

Megatron hadn't planned the impromptu sermon, and he felt lucky to have pulled it off as well as he did, but it had worked, the seeds were sown, and even more than he knew. When the bots left the shuttle they attracted attention, there had been nothing but a heavy, sad silence everywhere in their world. And a few botslooked in wonder at the arriving group, smiling and gesturing and talking excitedly. And as they went their separate ways, they told a few individuals their own versions of the story, which was remembered differently by each of the passengers who heard Megatron speak(later they would be called "The Few"),so by the time the return shuttle landed on New Cyb, the stories, rumors and revelations were already starting. Primism had indeed begun. "Careful", Megatron thought to himself "Take your time, let others do the initial work". Then he whispered to himself, "Don't let it look like anything you're trying to push, they will do that for you.., heh-he." Next Megatron went to work on a song, sung to the tune of "All Are One", which is the best known and loved tune on the planet, he called it "Show Him Praise". He arranged for it to surface in a variety of ways, none traceable to him. The author would be listed as "Anonymous Believer". There were even rumors that Skyload had written it because he had written the origianl tune. That was fine with Megatron, "Let the fools build their own trap" he mused. And then immediately busied himself to the point the he hardly saw anybot during most cycles, so that things could proceed without him. Getting loads of work done, but also perfecting his new main mania, espionage. He now had the entire Council and all of the top Division officers bugged. And if asked about that day on the shuttle, he made out like it was everybot just talking about Prime together, and who said what wasn't clear and didn't matter. But in his dark and powerful heart he thought "In time.., they will come to me."

Repeating line from 'All Are One'(by Skyload): "Bless our moon and bless our sun, New Cybertron, where all are one"

Repeating line from 'Show Him Praise'(by Megatron): "On all days and in all ways, we all must bow, and show him praise"
This..., is The Dociverse. The place where all things small are larger than life. It had it's spontaneous beginings in the depths of time with The Micromaster Race Car Patrol. It grew quickly, and continues to expand, even as you read this.

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