Where do Transformers come from?

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Where do Transformers come from?

Postby Transypoo » Thu Jun 11, 2020 5:14 pm

I was thinking about this, did some reading on the Wiki and wrote this:

The Transformers do not reproduce through, what organics would call, “normal means”, instead they originate from the Well of Allsparks.
Somewhere deep within the well is the source of all life, the Allspark, a massive energy source whose origins and true function are unknown, but it radiates several forms or radiation, and as a byproduct of whatever it does, produces Sparks, which float to the surface gathering Protomatter around it, forming the body and becoming a Protoform. Once surfaced the Protoform will, normally drift to the edges of the pool, although sometimes they get stuck in the center and have to be nudged to the sides with a skimmer.
According to legend the first Transformer, Prima, had to drag him self out of the well and formed his body into the current humanoid shape most Transformers take. In reality the form a Transformer takes is preprogramed by their spark.
Once exposed to the atmosphere the Protoform with start to solidify, its features defining. In ancient times the Protoform would be left alone until it could make it to the Temple. A Protoform is choice prey for the many predatory creatures in the wilds of Cybertron. (Most other lifeforms on Cyber tron have their own Wells they emerge from.) The practice was to ensure only the strongest Protoforms survived. Now they are picked up as soon as they stabilize by a temple guardian. The Guardians will take care of all the Protoforms until they are grown, but it is also common for normal citizens to adopt Protoforms into their families. It is also a common practice to journey to the Well of Allsparks to request a Protoform from it. It will often produce a Protoform, but not always.
It can also occur that more than one Protoform will emerge at a time. If they emerge together they are considered twins, or triplets, etc. If they emerge in succession they are considered Siblings. These familiar bond mean they cannot be separated.

Transformers can also be built out of component parts. If one has the skill and knowledge a fully functional Transformer body can be constructed to order. Sometimes this is to transfer the Spark of an already existing Transformer into a fully functional body if mortally wounded, or to upgrade the skills and weaponry of an individual. It is also possible to build an all new Transformer. The only thing that cannot be built is the Spark. There are several ways to attain a new Spark if the Well of All Sparks isn't available. The super computer, Vector Sigma, and the Matrix of Leadership are both somehow able to create a Spark from the Energon in the body's system.
It is also possible for two Transformers to merge some of their Spark energy together through an Energon transfusion to create a new Spark.
It is also possible to bombard Energon with enough radiation to spontaneously create a Spark, but it is a LOT of radiation.
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