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A smart Time Lord geneticist from Gallifrey, the Rani lives purely to conduct experiments on inferior species (us included!). We first meet her in the classic TV story "The Mark of the Rani" during the Industrial Revolution. In that story she was extraticting the fluid in luddites' brain stems that removed their power of rational thought (she needed the fluid in order to control the resident aliens on a planet she ruled over) whilst the Master got in the way of her plans and blackmailed her into helping him to get rid of the Doctor (all three went to the same Academy togther and both villains were intellectual rivals). Of course, the Doctor thwarted both baddies and sent them on their merry ways (also setting a trap in the Rani's TARDIS which causes Time Spillage to retro-evolve an embryo into a T-Rex right in front of their very eyes!)

The second time we see the Rani("Time and the Rani"), she is dominating over another alien planet. Attacking the Doctor's TARDIS, the Doc collapses and regenerates (the actor was sacked another actor, Sylvester McCoy took over the role). Injecting the Doctor with an amnesia drug, the Rani pretends to be his current companion, Melanie. The real intention was to use the Doctor for two methods: first to complete production on some machine parts, the second was to use his brain patterns on a fully cloned mega-brain using the patterns of many kidnapped geniuses from different timezone (including Albert Einstein!) to create a compound called Loyhargil. What the Doctor, who recovered from the drug and met the real Mel at that point, did instead was introduce multiple conflicting personalities into the mega-brain, causing it to become schizoid. With the Rani's plan foiled again, she left in her TARDIS, only for her own alien servents to kidnap her for their own ends!

The Rani was played in both stories by Kate O'Mara (from Dynasty). She has mentioned many times that she want's to play the role again but with the Doctor now being the only living Time Lord it might be bit difficult (However at the end of New Season Three [2007] a female hand picked up the Master's ring, so you never know!.
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Dayum... O_o Is it wrong that I'd risk going through experimentation and such just to hit that? :glanceright:
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